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Few more questions

Currently we want to use this for Tshirt product only. 

1) As per the defined area for customization on Tshirt, when we move the object(image) then it hides the part which goes outside of defined area. That's good, but here we want to restrict object so it can move in defined area only, it should not be move outside the defined area when customer move that object(image). Is it possible with this plugin?

2) How pricing rule works? As I mentioned above we have Tshirt product and want to offer only image(object) for frontend customer so they can customize image in the defined area. Here we want to offer vary price when customer increases or decreases the the object size in the defined area.

Can you please help me where I can see this in your demo?

3) Once customer personalize the Tshirt product at front and place the order, we want to see "entire personalized product made by customer" and "image(object) that customer has put on Tshirt". Can we get these both separately at woocommerce -> Order. 

4) I see order in demo that we can personalized image on PDF file, any other format possible(JPG or PNG)?

5) We are also looking this solution for Laravel framework. Please let me know if available.