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More features on Printful Integration - Addon for Lumise Product Designer

I recently bought the "Printful Integration - Addon for Lumise Product Designer" but after that, I realized many features are missing.

1. Not compatible with Cliparts&Template addon

2. Doesn't accept Embroidery printing which includes Hat

3. More products would be great

4. Display variation products on design-editor

5. Accept simple product for printful 

Posted by Наталья Тютикова, at 17:00:34 - Aug 21, 2021
I agree. Particularly frustrating was the reduced number of items that can be customized.
Posted by IN Stampa Personalizzata, at 22:06:30 - Feb 5, 2021
-2 -3
Author Team Posted by admin, at 03:07:03 - Nov 25, 2020
Hi all Thanks for your feedback. I will discuss with our develop team about it. Hope it will be available soon.
Posted by Designers Fit, at 03:01:51 - Nov 23, 2020
I am facing the same issue as you, by doing this feature, this plugin will be almost perfect :-)