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Synchronize the Lumise cart with the Woocommerce cart in the moment the product is in the basket, not only in the check out mode!

Posted by flekstofleks, at 00:34:04 - Jun 26, 2022
The cart of lumise bugs a lot : 1) In the customizer page, when I add a product in the cart it loads infinitely ! So it never goes to the woocomerce cart. Can you fix this bug please ? 2) I noticed that sometimes, when I added a product to the cart some of the product in the cart disapears. How to solve this bug of the cart of lumise that doesn't redirect to the Lumise cart ?? I recently added products with variations in lumise. Is it about potentially about that ? thank you !!
Posted by flekstofleks, at 21:03:34 - Jun 9, 2022
When I add lumise product in the cart some of the products in the woocommerce's cart disapear !! It is a huge bug that have to be solved please. However I can't use Lumise for my customers !
Posted by Mongo, at 11:57:46 - Apr 6, 2022
Does anyone have a temporary workaround for this? A way to make sure the customer doesn't get confused if they visit the Woocommerce cart page and find it empty while having products in the Lumise cart.
Posted by Doodle Bag, at 09:11:42 - Mar 30, 2022
Is this happening? This plug in is so so so buggy!
Posted by Doodle Bag, at 09:11:14 - Mar 30, 2022
Is this happening? This plug in is so so so buggy!
Posted by [email protected], at 19:04:04 - Mar 20, 2021
And, the opposite as well... Synchronize Lumise cart when Woocommerce cart is adjusted (deletion or change of quantity)...