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Calculating price of print design by different sizes

The most important feature would be to enable charging the print motif (clipart, text, image or upload) by its size (3-5 different print sizes (for which we could define different design prices) at the same time on the same product). 

When the customer is designing a T-Shirt for example, he can choose some print motif (or upload own image or add text), then he can resize it, and depending on the size set by the customer, we would like to charge him differently that print motif.

There can be, lets say, 3-5 predefined sizes, and every size will have some price which would be calculated additional on base product price.

Design area is always the same (A4 or A3). So when the customer resize the print motif to fit the smallest defined print pricing area, that would be one price (i.e. 2 eur added on the product base price), when he resize it to fit the medium defined size for print area, it would be some middle price (i.e. 4 eur on the product base price), and if the customer resize it to fit the largest defined size of print area, that would be the highest price (i.e.6 eur on the product base price). This would be the same for the front and back of a product.

You can maybe set these different pricing area sizes depending on the size of the print design in predefined design area by percentage. For example it could be:

- smallest price for print design takes 1- 20% of design area

- little bigger price for print design takes 21% - 40% % of design area

- middle price for print design takes 41% - 70 % of design area

- highest price for print design takes 71% - 100% of design area


This is just an example and I am not sure if I was really clear.

We need to charge a print motif by its size (which could differs from user to user on the same base product).

So basically, all the price calculation should be done at the same time while the customer is designing the product, depending on what he chooses to put on the design (clipart, design template, text, shape, drawing, ... ) and what size of print motif he sets up.

I hope I was clear enough and you understand how we would like to be able to calculate the price of a product design.