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Provide Cookies System for Auto Fill Data


You can see in above link video attached to this post that ..
When the customer creates a design and does not like it, he takes another template and fills in all the details again. However, he does not like the side template and tries to fill in all the details in the third template. Which also spoils his time and also makes it difficult to enter details or any error remains while entering details.

Please tell me the solution so that once the customer enters his details he does not have to fill in the information again and again. Please tell me any solution. 

as Per the my knowledge this is called cookies.... in google language

i have suggest you can see in vistaprint.in    psprint.com and more... website... this type of system are available.. so Please ma'am give me valuable and Fine Solution. thank for co-operate.....

Please Download Video for future.. other wise link has expire...

Posted by Nilam Dayani, at 11:46:18 - Jan 26, 2021
i agree with this
Posted by Rushi Vaghasiya, at 11:19:44 - Jan 26, 2021
If any Customer Design there Visiting Card, Letterhead, Sticker.... at that time they use our Template for the design and they have to required Data Fill up each and every time same..... like Company name.... Person Name, Ph.No., Address....etc... there is a difficult for each and every time same Data Fill up again and again... and Customer have Boring..... so This is the First Requirement in Lumise...
Posted by Dhruvi Vaghasiya, at 11:07:45 - Jan 26, 2021
This is the First Requirement... because he/she save her time and no chance to mistake at the time of data fill
Posted by UTTAM DAYANI, at 10:52:34 - Jan 23, 2021
Please See this Video https://photos.google.com/search/_tra_/photo/AF1QipNddDCMFfMYrgSvQx9T1wHJc_3B4_2FKO8TZQc8