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SAVE enormous TIME

Hi, please make:
1) checkbox in variations field (if checked) -> 
display variation pictures as "image of product & galery of product". The most important to save time.

2) Button - "Apply desing for all variations"
Meant without background picture. Or without changing background.

For us (who create a lots of desings) to create new product is easiest to duplicate previous one with preset variations with all colours. 
-> First point will save us from exporting and uploading a lots of images of product in different colours (which are needed to display product).
-> Second point will speed up all procces. Just 
UPLOAD ONE DESIGN for all colours of T-shirts.

Just first point would be enough! 

Thank you for considering.


Posted by Norbert Fábián, at 11:44:29 - Dec 23, 2020
That would be really great! :)