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Big update for Lumise 2.0

  1. Improve Printing to suit many printing method(DTG, Digital, Screen, Embroidery ...)
    • Price per square inch(cm)
    • Price per color
    • Price per line and letter for text
    • Price per resource(text, clipart, template, image, image uploads)
    • Fixed
    • ...
  2. Template, clipart, shape, font options
    • Allow: move, delete, rotate, scale ...
  3. Improve UI/UX in mobile
  4. Other:
    • Add option watermark
    • Add option Get a Quote
    • Import bulk
    • ...
Posted by ALEX D, at 09:48:30 - Apr 13, 2021
Good day. Could you please make an update now including the function with watermarks? The rest will be finalized in the process, just without this the plugin has no effect
Posted by Amanda Hansen, at 16:54:37 - Apr 9, 2021
Water mark would be perfect
Posted by jbalazs8178, at 21:34:54 - Apr 8, 2021
Can you make the curved text feature more editable, the letters always seem like they have incorrect spacing when using this feature, no mater how the spacing/radius is adjusted.
Posted by Dhanush Pavan, at 07:10:16 - Apr 7, 2021
It would be great if you let us know about the 2.0 Update.
Posted by andre_mt, at 19:34:52 - Apr 4, 2021
Hey! Would be great to show the average price for product, just next the total amount on top of the editor. I know there is in the formula calculation price link, but also showing on the top of the page would be great!!
Posted by Enver Karakaya, at 11:53:31 - Apr 2, 2021
Hello, I am very interested in teeinblue. com style clipart templates. I would recommend you to bring this option to Lumise because if they bring it to woocommerce they will have lots of customers. If I use shopify I would definitely try that addon. So please consider this when making a big update, I am sure it will give you a sales explosion of the addon. Thanks
Posted by T-low, at 12:12:18 - Mar 26, 2021
Not sure if suggestions should still be posted, but id love an Alternative Tags Option: If you have a tag like "Sun" and edit the tag, there should be a line for alternative tags you could add. So you add the tags "Bright", "Warm" or other language alternation tags "Sonne", "etc" to the "Sun" Tag. If you now add the "Sun" Tag to a image, the image would be also found under all the Alternative tags. So principally you add multiple tags with a single tag.
Posted by BetsyBMessy, at 10:21:55 - Mar 26, 2021
Hello, I'm VERY interested in having a set design, but customers can change just one part of that design. Change hair style, body style, etc. I have seen this on Teeinblue and believe the template but can change just parts of it would be a HUGE asset to your program. Thank you for your time.
Posted by 竹澤健志, at 04:36:47 - Mar 26, 2021
Nice to meet you. I'm planning to use it with Shopify, but without the watermark feature, I can't use it... I can't use it without the watermark feature because I can't clear the rights issue of the clipart. We need the watermark feature so that it cannot be easily downloaded and used for other purposes.
Posted by Berço dos Brindes, at 17:43:47 - Mar 24, 2021
Hello, Any idea how I can fix a price for 1 side printing (no matter front or back) and for 2 sides printing (front and back)?
Posted by Printhings2021, at 09:39:47 - Mar 11, 2021
Hello, Any idea how I can fix a price for 1 side printing (no matter front or back) and for 2 sides printing (front and back)?
Posted by ALEX D, at 08:19:15 - Mar 10, 2021
Please tell me the approximate time of the new release and what will be included in it?
Posted by LukeyP43, at 19:14:13 - Mar 9, 2021
It would be great if you made it more noticeable how to get to the opposite side of a product (Going from the front of the side to the backside of a Hoodie).
Posted by AlexPeer2021, at 21:53:13 - Mar 6, 2021
It would be great, if you could set the whole Product as Printarea, but set a max size for Printing.(I only have a printer with A4 paper size, but want to offer the customer to place the Design where ever they want)
Posted by Taunusprint, at 10:16:56 - Feb 28, 2021
The function available color in one printing technique that e.g. FLEXDRUCK has the colors XY to choose from and FLOCKDRUCK other colors. Without this function, I can only offer DTG
Posted by Rahgozar Creative Studio, at 12:22:03 - Feb 23, 2021
1. Please enable image movement in Mask Layer. 2. Right click option in editor for objects 3. RTL text option 4. Add more stage for users with duplicate and delete options
Posted by Albert Bosch, at 10:18:09 - Feb 13, 2021
Ad new stage is good, but not the same as ad pages. I miss the add extra page button. For example, if I want to make playing cards, I need 2 stages, namely for the front and back thats ok. But for a full deck I need 52 or 54 pages. Same for making a photo book, I miss adding pages. Please add this feature.
Posted by El-Kaptain, at 00:18:35 - Feb 9, 2021
You must add Discount Coupons feature and shipping methods and its cost. Also must add VAT and tax calculations. if you can add option to packing pricing it will be great
Posted by István Tóth, at 08:55:48 - Feb 8, 2021
1. If user want etc A3 size puzzle , the uploaded file is extreme big, but the json sting is only 4-5 mb , lumise want to upload 30-100 MB , maybe the 300 DPI resolution is the problem? 2. Mobile version, UI is not soo good, many user can't find how to add products to cart, and woocomerce cart, and lumise cart not equal . 3. Mobile version - back to shop button not easy to find it
Posted by Andrius Labunskas, at 07:21:59 - Feb 8, 2021
Any ETA? Since it's basically 2 months.
Posted by ALEX D, at 05:12:21 - Feb 5, 2021
1) The watermark is very necessary 2) The CMYK color palette 3) Output of the file in CMYK format 4) If the vector pdf format is possible 5) Option for using the file selection for saving jpg, tif, pdf 6) When saving the product from wordpress, only one common product, it is very necessary to link to each worpdress product separately and not to the general product (addon principle as "assigned design" only implemented for wordpress product)
Posted by mike, at 03:11:02 - Feb 5, 2021
In google chrome on Mac not all templates and cliparts are loading in the designer window. Only 100 templates and 100 cliparts load. However on Safari and Firefox it is not happening. Please fix it as there are many people using google chrome.
Posted by Alex, at 13:25:13 - Feb 3, 2021
1. In the firefox browser, all shapes remain proportional; they cannot be stretched left-right and upward in them disproportionately 2. There is a problem with Cyrillic google fonts, you create a design, but other users change the fonts to others. This problem is not permanent, but some fonts have it
Posted by Alex, at 13:21:00 - Feb 3, 2021
when you click on the text in the mobile version it is duplicated, it needs to be removed, it looks like a bug
Posted by Raquel de Juan, at 18:11:26 - Jan 30, 2021
- Fix for "View in lumise editor" that in email that gets sent to Client and Admin after switching to Complete. Product_base always = 0 so design won't load. - Option to attach to order email the screenshot of the customized item same as shown in the cart. That way the client actually knows the order have been passed correctly. - Gradient Colors - Background colors - CMYK mode
Posted by ramishariha, at 07:02:57 - Jan 29, 2021
People have a hard time finding the color swatches, especially for fonts colorization. maybe embed it to change text area?
Posted by ramishariha, at 07:01:00 - Jan 29, 2021
Improve UI/UX in mobile please, compatibility for both Android and IOS, some features wont work on Android but works on IOS.
Posted by Gord Parrott, at 19:46:32 - Jan 21, 2021
I am hoping for a change in the manner clipart and template categories can be changed.Perhaps a text field, like tags, would work. Better, include -change categories to -in the select all/dropdown field. Thanks.
Posted by Pal N, at 01:14:05 - Jan 21, 2021
I would like if you could improve the way customers create text in the mobile version. Right now when you create text you open the text editor, you write what you want to have on the product then you need to close it to see how it looks, then open it again to change how big then close and so on it is very none user friendly. also it took me a few minutes to understand where i should press to get the text editor back up.
Posted by Tvoya maika, at 04:09:30 - Jan 18, 2021
Hello. Please add the ability to add more stages. Some printful products consist of 5 or even 6 stages of design. This creates great inconvenience. I must to create grouped products and explain to customers that the product consists of 2 parts.
Posted by Total Enterprises, at 02:32:03 - Jan 16, 2021
Any ETA ? Please Update
Posted by Danny Chui, at 08:56:50 - Jan 14, 2021
Please solve the Responsive Issue on Mobile browsers, that issue is happening on Product > Template, the PC browser is fine, but the mobile browser is totally incorrect. Already, issue a PRIVATE TICKET #2621560 in Nov 2020, but the problem still cannot solve, I am using Lumise for 3 years!!!!!! And now, I getting the customer to complain my web site about this matter!!
Posted by KARTHIK R, at 11:50:54 - Jan 13, 2021
Posted by wes, at 22:05:56 - Jan 12, 2021
1. templates for variable products 2. linkable templates 3. Be ale to add 50+ variables 4. Gradients in editor!
Posted by jfoc, at 09:08:05 - Jan 12, 2021
is this coming this January 2021?
Posted by printcanyon, at 15:00:53 - Jan 11, 2021
1 - Customer can upload custom background image and change background colour. 2. Selected items can be aligned among themselves 3. "Duplicate and Edit Design" button on cart page 4. Text effect can edit double click 5. Double click Changable image area (Square, circle etc. mask area when click browse upload or drag and drop from images) 6. For "My Design Addon", if customer login, save design their acount, if not logged in save design browser, currentliy if customere logged in save desgn their account but not logged in can not save design.
Posted by Redkite, at 04:55:44 - Jan 10, 2021
would love to see feature when u save the design u can save it in a new folder +create folder and then u can keep adding ur designs to different folders
Posted by Jamil Houmsi, at 01:28:14 - Jan 8, 2021
Hi, If could add an extra price for each printed stage example the back T-shirt has to add price when adding design placed. Thanks
Posted by Govil Khattar, at 07:34:32 - Jan 6, 2021
We need COLOR GRADIENTS!!! Please!
Posted by LAETUS Team, at 18:14:09 - Jan 5, 2021
Lumise : - Admin can add custom button on Lumise front page (who can redirect people at any page we want) ; - Admin can choose the redirection of Lumise ; - Searching shared designs by creator ; - Add an option on visitors have to login to use Lumise ; - Create easily Woocommerce products from Lumise design ; - Admin can choose an minimum selling price for specific users (which appear next to the regular price). - Add a front page where registered user can see what they create (+ who much they sell with) Dokan addon : - Change ALL ; - Admin can set minimum price selling for products that vendors can customize.
Posted by daysie, at 11:14:57 - Jan 5, 2021
1.ability to have the same color as the client's download (if the file is in pms color it should be received in pms no conversion) 2. To be able to align objects with each other 3. To have the possibility to choose which format of file we want no predefined file 4. to be able to choose CMYK colors instead of RGB, in printing we work with pms and cmyk
Posted by jon, at 21:18:32 - Dec 30, 2020
Sync "design editor" attributes with woocommerce attribute to control inventory and prices. Fix design editor to work with window 10 touch devices without have to use a mouse. This does not work without a mouse connect on any of my window 10 surface pro and surface studio2. It work fine with my IOS devices (iPhone and iPad).
Posted by gettonet, at 17:25:58 - Dec 21, 2020
Please make printing method stage dependent! For example, front on shirt is DTG, back on shirt is Embroidery. Do you have any estimate when will this be released? I was working on custom JS function to aihieve this, but I'm stuck.
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