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Make your vendor addon compatible with other Multivendor plugins (WCFM)

Posted by babii eusebiu, at 12:27:33 - May 11, 2021
More than 6 months from when they said they will start working on it and yet we don't have any feedback. With more votes than others is not IN PROGRESS! So this page is for nothing...
Posted by kustomace, at 13:37:34 - Feb 10, 2021
It would be great to be able to use wcfm, on my experience superior to dokan, wcfm let you do product variations and assign commissions by variation, in my busines the design is the product and the variations are the options where you can print that design, every option has its own rules (base costs, sell cost, commission for the artist) With this integration you should be able to prepare mockups based on the products the shop offers (templates to be prepared by admin) assign base cost and sell costs and calculate the commission for the artist without taxes and place It on the wcfm commission meta. lumise and wcfm integration would enable woocomerce to design sites like displate.com spreadshirt/society 6/ teenspring. an many many other print on demand sites. I been researching for 1 year now and to my knowledge woocomerce is unable to offer this print on demand like site.
Posted by babii eusebiu, at 09:11:51 - Feb 5, 2021
It will be awesome if you can make this when the vendor will use the launcher (to publish variable products):
- step 1 - choose products (like in the addon for Dokan)
- step 2 - upload design (like in the addon for Dokan)
   * 2 fields - 1st required - 2nd optional for dark background
   * for example I have a tshirt with attribute colors - white, gray and black - they will need to upload a different graphic for dark color
- step 3 - product detaills :
   ----product name*: [input for vendor to write] (like in the addon for Dokan)
   * On the product page it will look like [basic_name]-[vendor_name] (basic name is sett by admin in Lumise)
   ----price - admin range suggestion
   * you have to make it sync with the commissions from memberships, categories and global or override them somehow like with dokan addon
   * show the commission in the dashboard/ orders/ etc using wcfm var $earned or other
   ----tags (first select admin tags then create their own)
   ----product description*: [input for vendor description] (like in the addon for Dokan)
   * On the product page it will look like [input for vendor description] + [admin product description] below
- step 4 - check all products = confirmation
- step 5 - publish
Thanks. We wait your reply and a date for release.
Posted by babii eusebiu, at 12:37:07 - Jan 18, 2021
So when you will start working on it? In october you said that in 1-2 months will be released.
Posted by babii eusebiu, at 16:16:59 - Dec 21, 2020
We need this addon to be able to publish variable products. not just simple product like with Dokan. All shops now have variable products.
Posted by Gibran Sanchez, at 15:48:39 - Nov 25, 2020
WCFM is a great Multivendor platform, so it would be great if you can use Lumise for multiple sellers.